• No refunds on programs - other than emergency

• All photos ( pertaining to online training) will be kept confidential

• It is up to the client to notify me of changes they need made to the program and up to the client to send me the updated progress pictures every week ( SUNDAY). Pertaining to online clients, as I reach out and communicate please alert me of any movement issues, pain, or the need to add more weight /subtract.

• All separate programs: CORE , BOOTY/ GLUTE, UPPER BODY, HIIT are sent with the understanding that this is a program to focus on these areas and changes are not made unless otherwise noted. This is a guide.

• Results- These may vary and are based upon the individuals capacity , desire and want to improve their fitness experience. There are no guarantees concerning the success. Any information should be agreed that, Nellie Newman, is not heard liable for any success or failure of the fitness programs and their purchases.

• Medical Disclaimer- The information or programs provided are not interred to be a substitute of an medical professional advice or guidance. Any recommendations on nutrition / weight loss/ and supplements are at your discretion and should be talked about with your medical provider. I do not condone any use of illegal substances and you are encouraged to contact your provider with the information provided in fitness and nutrition. I am not liable for any food allergy or medical issues that may arise during the training period, as client will make any allergy or injury aware to me or should.